Energy Audits

 ALD is a prominent firm specializing in energy-saving projects for compressed air and vacuum systems, delivering investment-grade solutions. Our expertise lies in providing guaranteed engineered solutions for intricate systems, aligning them with production and process requirements.

We specialize in providing unbiased analysis for compressed air and vacuum systems

Our team of experienced auditors has analyzed thousands of compressed air systems, with a goal to provide a comprehensive analysis of each compressed air system component and then provide a set of alternative solutions to best fit the customer needs and budget.

Our audit process accurately defines the existing air demand, power requirements, pressure needs and production pressure to provide an accurate plan. We also provide a complete analysis of the compressed air supply equipment to ensure that the supply system is matched to the reconfigured plant air demand to maximize the compressor components. What sets ALD apart is our in-depth analysis of the demand side of a system.

We examine the pneumatic production and process applications in the facility to determine the unique requirements on the production floor, which in turn determine the operational limitations of the supply side of air and vacuum systems. ALD’s method includes designing specific solutions to these production applications to provide the flexibility required to dramatically improve the system’s efficiency.

Our approach allows us to provide tailored solutions that improve the efficiency and performance of compressed air and vacuum systems. Additionally, we record the performance of the system to allow independent verification, if necessary, particularly in the case of utility incentives and rebates. 

What do we look for in an Energy Audit?

Conducting a compressed air audit is vital to ensure the efficiency of your systems. Prolonged periods without preventive maintenance might result in unnecessary high monthly energy expenses. When you engage an ALD technician to assess your compressed air systems, we thoroughly evaluate:

Air Quality

Assessing compressed air quality devices like air coolers, dryers, filters, and drains is essential to guarantee that the air circulated within the facility remains safe for both you and your workers.

Energy Cost

Just like drops in pressure, rising energy costs serve as early indicators of issues in your compressed air system. Experts assist you in reviewing your energy bills, a crucial step in identifying potential inconsistencies.

Existing Equipment

Our technicians verify the proper installation and ongoing good condition of the equipment.

Pressure drop

Low-pressure zones and inadequate air dispersion stand out as prominent indicators of problems within your compressed air system.

control systems

Demand-side control systems often receive little attention within compressed air setups. However, examining these aspects proves advantageous for enhancing energy efficiency, extending equipment lifespan, and safeguarding your company’s financial health.

Savings opportunity

ALD experts reviews your system to guarantee you’re conserving as much energy as possible.

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