Guaranteed Results

We are confident in our experience, in every industrial category we guarantee our results.

Audit Guarantees

ALD is confident in their experience in every industrial category and will guarantee that the compressed air system audit to be performed will identify a technically viable upgrade project which meets the ROI hurdle required by the client for investment in energy savings projects.

ALD only requires that the ROI / simple
payback hurdle be identified by the client and agreed to by ALD prior to scheduling the audit. If no suitable project is identified, then ALD will not invoice for fees but will only invoice for its direct travel and related expenses for the audit.

Project Guarantee

Audit Project Guarantee ALD is confident in our technical methods and are therefore willing to offer turnkey execution of our recommendations with guarantees on the return on investment which will result. The operating cost savings generated by the compressed air system upgrade project are guaranteed to provide the simple payback projected in the audit report and detailed in the Project Proposal. If the savings in the Measurement and Verification Report provided after completion of the project do not provide the guaranteed payback (assuming a tolerance of plus or minus 10%), then ALD will continue work on the system at their expense, or reduce the total costs of the project (at ALD’s option), until the simple payback is achieved as described in the proposal. ALD’s scope on a guaranteed project can be all encompassing or we can work out an arrangement which meets your organizations specific requirements for project or engineering support.

Typically, we are not concerned with the brands of compressors, dryers, etc., however, in order to insure proper operational capability, we typically must insist upon the brand of critical control components.

Proven Experience

ALD has designed and installed hundreds of compressed air and industrial automation systems which gives us the practical experience of actually making a system run as intended. This experience has strongly influenced our audit and design methods which tend to be very practical and maximize the ROI and provide long term retention of energy savings for the client.