PG&E Compressed Air Rebate Program

ICASE. Industrial Compressed Air System Efficiency Program

Compressed air and vacuum systems are extremely energy intensive systems that can quickly deteriorate a facility’s efficiency and reliability if not properly managed. To help industrial customers reduce energy use and maximize efficiency, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) offers a comprehensive suite of programs.

PG&E has contracted with ALD, a third party energy efficiency implementation specialist, to administer the Industrial Compressed Air Systems Efficiency Program (ICASE). The ICASE program helps PG&E’s industrial customers to develop projects and access cash incentives to subsidize the costs of qualified energy efficiency measures that increase efficiencies for compressed air and vacuum systems. Implementation of these projects results in the reduction of energy use, decreased costs, and benefits for the environment by conserving our natural resources and reducing emissions.

Achieve Long Term Energy Efficiency

  • State of the Art Air System Controls.
  • Collect Data via desktop, Laptop or Cell Phone.
  • Monitor Air Systems Around The Clock.
  • System Efficiencies Remain Optimal.
  • Energy Report Cards Can Be Created to assure results are being achieved.

ICASE support includes:

  • Identification of applicable energy efficiency measures and projects.
  • Turnkey project implementation with guaranteed solutions.
  • Increased production throughput.
  • System reliability and process repeatability.
  • Measurement and validation of savings realized once projects are completed.

Proven Experience

ALD has designed and installed hundreds of compressed air and industrial automation systems which gives us the practical experience of actually making a system run as intended. This experience has strongly influenced our audit and design methods which tend to be very practical and maximize the ROI and provide long term retention of energy savings for the client.