Compressed Air Automation Systems

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The iZ Compressed Air Automation and Data Acquisition System is based on non-proprietary software which conforms to IEC 61131-3, an open protocol software industry standard. This standard insures the Owner of the software can be supported by any trained systems integrator and that the software will not be obsolete by future versions of proprietary controls.

This industry standard protocol also provides interface capability to virtually any hardware or software which the Owner may currently utilize in his facility. iZ Systems provides the complete software program code as a site license to the Owner so he has access to make future modifications or additions to the system with or without iZ support.

Key Features

  • Compatible with any brand or type of compressor at any pressure
  • Interfaces to and controls any existing compressor control type or vintage
  • eliminates the costs of compressor control upgrades
  • Controls multiple system pressures on a single platform
  • Allows client to be self supporting in the long term
  • On Line tuning to maintain optimal system performance

Need help with an Order?

For a budget proposal on an iZ Compressed Air Automation and Data Acquisition System, please contact us for a system review. Our industry leading audit staff will be pleased to have an opportunity to assist you.